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In a constantly changing world with new meds, cutting edge technology and a myriad of different holistic "remedies" to choose from, it's often difficult to make heads or tails of what works and what doesn't. HIValternatives.com will attempt to deliver information on alternative methods for health support from a layman's point of view.

This site is a new venture for us and is going to be a work in progress for some time. Time permitting, we will be adding new information as quickly as possible. During this process, we would encourage you to give us your feedback and suggestions.

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Preface and Testimonial, written by Jason James

"Night terrors, headaches, skin rashes, tactile hallucinations, diarrhea, vomiting, blurred vision, night sweats, depression, anxiety! Now I was sick! Having never reported any symptoms (short of a 3 week "flu") I was confused as to how these medications were helping me. My family and friends began to worry as I hadn't left my house at this point in 15 days, something had to give. Death, Death, Death: Everywhere I looked and HIV diagnosis meant death and that self fulfilling prophecy was sure to rear it's ugly head once again."

link to the full article: Preface and Testimonial


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To help us all keep up with the changes on the site, we're going to keep a change log here on the main page of the site until most of the content is in. .

All of our e-mail addresses have been revamped due to excessive spaming. As a result we are no longer posting full e-mail links on the site. We appologize for any inconvienence this may cause.

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