Introductory articles presented by writer Marc Allen:

Created to serve as an introductory article into the world of alternative HIV support, these articles represent one man's personal successes in surviving HIV without the use of HIV medications and current day "preventive" therapies.

Cocktail Free Long-term Non-progression of HIV, part I

Cocktail Free Long-term Non-progression of HIV, part II


Cocktail Free Long-term Non-progression of HIV,
Part I

Written by Marc Allen

In the spring of 1999 my perspective on life forever changed with what would soon become one of the most significant defining moments of my life. It was that spring that I tested positive for HIV and began my journey into a world full of false good intentions and misleading data. The greatest challenge I faced was not dealing with a life-threatening disease or worrying about how the rest of the world's perception of me would changed; it was simply the daunting question of how to go about preventing the progression of the HIV virus.











My previous personal experiences with western medicine had not been overly encouraging, so I went to into the barrage of consolations with specialists and counselors with my eyes wide open. Given the choice, I had always gone the route of holistic medicine and I wasn't about to change my views quickly. As I began to learn about my "options" it became abundantly clear that the treatments available were at best debilitating and harsh.

After spending an extensive amount of time researching support methods like alternative diets, herbal supplementation and other holistic approaches, my friend and colleague Jimmie Holman brought to my attention a technological approach called Rife. I spent some time researching the technology with Jimmie's help and despite my initial reservation decided to move forward with the technology. One amazing thing that happens when faced with your own mortality; skepticism and mis-placed beliefs are suddenly placed to the side giving way to a broader more open perspective. By the summer of 1999 I was trying out some very primitive Rife technology in combination with herbal supplementation.

Almost five years later, I have emerged a much stronger, healthier and highly aware individual. Over the last five years I have never consumed a single HIV medication and have maintained a healthy immune system with a very low viral load. While I am still HIV positive, I do not have AIDS nor am I sick. In fact, my Doctor has labeled me a "Non-Progressor". My viral load continues to slowly go further down while the effects of the virus on my immune system seem to be lessening ever year. My CD4 count remains in the normal range and has consistently been going up.

The very foundation for my own continued health has been the use of Rife technology. While I attribute some of my results to a holistic health approach, I firmly believe that persistent use of Rife technology has been the primary catalyst contributing to my health. With all of this said, five basic techniques for maintaining my own personal health have emerged over the last 5 years.

Before I go into the techniques that have made a significant difference in my life, it is very important that I preface it with the following: When I started this program, I had a healthy, uncompromised immune system. If you are already on meds, do NOT stop taking them without consulting with your doctor. Also continue seeing your doctor and getting regular blood work done even if you are religiously following the techniques I have used. And the bad news… There is NO MIRACLE CURE. You have to learn how to live with HIV and stay healthy, here's how I've been doing it.

Five Techniques for Maintaining a Healthy Immune System with HIV:

Technique One: Learn EVERYTHING you can about how HIV interacts with your body.

Technique Two: Use Rife technology persistently and in an irregular manner.

Technique Three: Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle (Nutrition and exercise)

Technique Four: Use herbal supplementation when needed

Technique Five: Maintain a low stress, mentally balanced lifestyle.

In the next part of this series I'll go into my reasoning for using these five techniques as a regular routine. But for now I want to continue focusing on the technology that has become the foundation of my own success… The technology of Rife.

In it's simplest form, Rife is nothing more than a resonate frequency therapy much like Tens systems used in the chiropractors office. Rife is purely a research technology at the moment. It has roots that go back to Tesla and it's accredited inventor Dr. Royal Rife from the 1920's and 30's. For more information on the history of Rife, go to: http://www.holman.net/rifetechnology/history.html ) The current technology is evolving at a significant rate and new advancements are made even as a write this article.

Five years ago I started with a simple contact system as Jimmie and I focused on building a Bare-Rife type of unit. The simple contact system appeared to helping some, though the effects were limited.

The first breakthrough for me was when the Bare-Rife unit was completed. I used our first Bare-Rife unit for several years. It was extremely effective, but difficult to maintain. During this period of time my viral load dropped considerably and became very obvious that Rife was the solution maintaining my health. Meanwhile Jimmie Holman was focusing his efforts towards improving the technology and ultimately moving it in a safer direction.

As with most research, the technology has gone through several in-between stages and I have eagerly participated in each stage of the evolution. At almost every point along the way I have watched my viral load continue to drop much to my doctor's surprise.

I now use a SquareGENpro+ to drive a pad unit and a high voltage system with an e-gas bulb. Thanks to Jimmie's dedication and hard work, his current systems are much easier to use, completely safe for the average person and much more cost effective. You can rest assured I'm closely watching the technology and patiently awaiting it's next incarnation.



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