Rife Technology has been around for many years. It was only in last decade that the technology has been seriously considered and research following scientific methods has commenced.

The following introduction to the equipment is a breif chronology of Marc Allen's own experiences with various Rife equipment.

Rife Technology Overview and Equipment Chronology
12.21.04 by Marc Allen

The process of diving into Rife technology has not been without it's ups and downs. Over the course of the last couple of years the equipment we have worked with has changed and evolved, some out of necessity and some out of pure technological advancements. Each step has ultimately led to an improved system that in each incarnation has increased the observed results.

In the case of HIV, immediate treatment is critical in order to save the immune system. One side effect of mainstream HIV research is that we now know that the CD4 cells that fight off disease come in many different forms, each designed to fight off specific ailments. Once a specific type of CD4 cell is destroyed in the body, it cannot easily be replaced leaving the body completely open to attack from that particular disease. The earlier you begin treatment of HIV, the more chance you have of preserving the diversity of CD4 cells.


With this in mind, immediately after my original diagnosis we began with a simple contact method loaned to me. It was my understanding it was a personal design of Jimmie's, similar but more advanced than other contact devices. There were never any misconceptions that this was only a temporary measure while a more suitable and serious device was constructed.


This allowed us to meet several immediate goals:

  • provided an immediate introduction to the basic concepts of the technology
  • allowed me to validate there was going to be noticeable improvement
  • allowed for responsible development of a protocol which would be carried over into the system being constructed
  • Minimized the progression of the HIV load in my system

During this time, many technical decisions and choices were made to best customize the system for by personal environment.


During the same time period, we immediately began purchasing appropriate equipment to build a Bare-Rife type of unit. Equipment began arriving and integration was done primarily in Dallas. The first version of this machine was completed and I began the process of learning about the technology I was about to use. I can not stress enough that this was an extensive "education" and operation of a Bare-Rife unit should not be attempted unless you understand the physics behind the electronics.

This period of use with the new equipment brought improved numbers in each test conducted …there was no doubt an effect was being accomplished with this equipment.

Technical Difficulties and all around Bad News
A job related move from Texas to Florida introduced a unknown variable that negatively effected the equipment. It is unknown whether this was due to damage in shipment, or something extraordinary about the environment where it was located. We suspect that the power supply in the building was old and poorly grounded. During this period I began having considerable operational difficulties with the equipment. It was obvious the equipment was failing and I finally shipped the equipment back to Dallas. One side note, during this time I went for an extended time without treatments and my viral load began to slowly rise again. My viral load went relatively high but still remained below the level classified as AIDS.


High Voltage / EMEM
A much simpler method of exciting a plasma tube is by the use of high voltage as opposed to RF (Radio Frequency) as in the Bare-Rife system.

Understanding there was a problem, Mr. Holman sent a (then new) piece of evaluation electronics to drive my existing Bare-Rife tube with this much easier method.


I still used my existing equipment that was designed to generate the frequencies for my program. My next regular tests clearly indicated the viral load was again on the decline and that my CD4 count was on the rise. A good sign and very welcome relief.

It is important to note that I was completely med free at this point and my doctor was taking a I hear nothing approach to my condition. His only response was, "Whatever you are doing is obviously working, so if keep doing what your doing." He NEVER asked or wanted to discuss what it was I was doing.


New Tube - E-gas
Not long after this, it was suggested I switch to a newer, smaller more compact tube. This tube is a proprietary mixture which no doubt was more reactive in this new environment and a welcome addition. This has turned out to be the beginning of some very significant advancements in the technology behind the tubes used for Rife purposes.

I have been a fortunate in that I was one of the very first to test the SquareGENpro+ …which I am well aware was designed not only for convenience, but absolute precision, and especially for Rife and Resonant Frequency technology research. For a very long period of time we were using VERY antiquated technology to generate the frequencies used to drive the equipment. There just wasn't anything else available to could do what we needed it to do. In comes the SquareGEN.


The SquareGEN is not only a precision device for not only the Bare-Rife system and the High Voltage (EMEM) type systems, it has specific and very special outputs for use as a contact device as well. This system has turned out to be so effective that I often only use the contact pads connected directly to the SquareGen contact outputs for my regular treatments.

Quite frankly it is hard to image how much more effective treatment would have been if I had this in those early years, it might be that it would have been all that was needed… For many people it will be the only system needed. … but personally the education has been invaluable and possibly the most single factor in maintaining a healthy med free lifestyle.


Looking forward… The PPET
So what is the next step? The PPET system in combination with the SquareGENpro is the next advancement in safe, easy to use Rife equipment. It has the benefits of the Bare-Rife system's radiant emissions without the safety hazards and operational difficulties combined with the benefits of the high voltage systems efficiency, ease of use and completely safe operation.


I am very excited about the prospects this new system presents and I am looking forward to the new PPET system personally. While my current health is steadily improving, the new equipment is going to be one more step closer to eradicating the virus that assaults my immune system. Based on the newest research and developments from Jimmie, this has left me with little doubt this will be "the" system I will need, not only for my future, but one that can be shared with friends and family.

Additional Rife Information
Over the course of the years I have closely followed many of the major Rife manufacturers. None of them have been able to significantly compare with the technical expertise, advancements and responsible presentation of Jimmie Holman and his associated sales company RIFE for LIFE (www.RIFEforLIFE.com) and his information site www.IntroductionToRife.com.

I am very proud to be associated both with Jimmie's equipment and the R&D he has done in every aspect imaginable of Rife technology. Jimmie has dedicated much of his time to this pursuit and I'm sure his efforts will continue to bring new technology and information to the forefront that ultimately benefits us all. I'm personally grateful for the volumes of information, time, and efforts he selfishly makes available.



Photos used by permission of Jimmie Holman and RIFE for LIFE.


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